One Sole Mission – To Save Cats’ Lives

beautiful cat getting loved by owner of feline logic

“Cats are angels with whiskers.” 
– Alexis Flora Hope

About Feline Logic

In 2019 Monika moved to beautiful Florida where, in 2021, she started volunteering with Orange County Animal Services in Orlando.  

owner of Feline Logic caring for cat

Monika strictly advocated for felines that needed extra help to get seen and adopted. Seniors, fear aggressive and medical were at the top of her list. 

That same year she created a TikTok account specifically showcasing the shelters most urgent cats. Dozens of adoptions through her page have happened and countless lives with timelines were saved.  

The shelter system and animal crisis in the US sparked a fire in her, and knew she needed to do more.  

After graduating as a CFBTS, Monika’s mission is to work with families that have behavior issues with their felines. Her goal of potentially resolving them may help with future surrenders or even unnecessary euthanasia.  

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